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Ultimate Power Solutions

We supply, install, repair and maintain in the industrial and commercial sectors that include offices, shopping malls, industrial buildings, warehouses, factories and private residential homes.

With more than 15 years of industry experience, we're able to advise clients on the best systems and methods in electrical construction and the built environment.
At Ampnet, we provide the latest in electrical technology and solutions all of which are installed by our highly qualified electricians and workers.

Our core services

At Ampnet, we strive to provide the latest in electrical products and services. We've listed our core services below with a brief explanation.
Please contact us if you require any assistance.

Electrical Installations
Ampnet Electrical will plan and design, select and install, commission, test, report, maintain, fault find and repair systems to a high standard.
Electrical Maintenance
Ampnet Electrical provides premier electrical contracting and maintenance for public sectors and private customers in commercial, domestic and industrial markets throughout South Africa. We offer short and long term maintenance contracts.
Complete Solar Solutions
Ampnet Electrical delivers sustainable energy solutions. Our competent installers will gladly advise you on all solar technology matters.
Fault Finding
Fault Finding is the investigation of the cause of malfunction in machinery, especially electronic equipment.
Power Factor Correction
Power factor correction (PFC) is a newer technology used in computer power supplies. PFC is applied to the circuits that include induction motors as a means of reducing the inductive component of the current and thereby reduce the losses in the supply.
Energy Saving Projects
Reducing your home energy use is the best of win-win deals - not only does it reduce your carbon footprint, it also saves you money on energy bills. That’s especially exciting when you consider that many home and business energy improvements are fast, easy and inexpensive.
Complete Generator Solutions
Generators are available in different electrical and physical configurations for use in different applications. Our competent installers will gladly advise you on all generator technology matters.
UPS & Inverter Installations
A battery is a container consisting of one or more cells, in which chemical energy is converted into electricity and used as a source of power.
Certificate of Compliance
“Certificate of Compliance” means a certificate with a unique number obtainable from the chief inspector, or a person appointed by the chief inspector, in the form of Annexure 1 J and issued by a registered person in respect of an electrical installation or part of an electrical installation; or a certificate of compliance issued under the Electrical Installation Regulations, 1992.